Complete website design and ongoing maintenance and updates.

You can visit and explore the website designed for the Kent and Medway Cyber Security Cluster by clicking here: KMCC

  • The website serves as the online platform for the Kent and Medway Cyber Security Cluster (KMCC), a locally recognized cluster within the UKC3 network.
  • It highlights KMCC’s role in developing the cyber security ecosystem in the Kent and Medway region, focusing on community building, innovation promotion, and cyber skills development.
  • The website showcases KMCC’s strategic partnerships with industry experts and higher education institutions to enhance cyber security capabilities.
  • Visitors can join the cluster through the website to engage in discussions, access resources, and stay updated on news and activities.
  • It provides information on KMCC’s collaborations with various stakeholders including local authorities, businesses, HEIs, and schools to foster a comprehensive cyber security network.
  • Users can subscribe to email communications to receive regular updates and notifications from KMCC.
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