publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. A Comparative Analysis of Time Series Transformers and Alternative Deep Learning Models for SSVEP Classification
    Heba Ali , Adel ElZemity, Amir E Oghostinos , and 1 more author
    In International Conference on Model and Data Engineering , 2023
  2. A Transformer-Based Deep Learning Architecture for Accurate Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection and Classification
    Adel ElZemity, Maryam ElFdaly , Shorouk Abdelfattah , and 6 more authors
    In 2023 International Conference on Innovation and Intelligence for Informatics, Computing, and Technologies (3ICT) , 2023


  1. Wastewater treatment model with smart irrigation utilizing PID control
    Adel ElZemity, Ahmed Ali Gaafar , Ahmed Khaled Ahmed , and 4 more authors
    In 2020 2nd Novel Intelligent and Leading Emerging Sciences Conference (NILES) , 2020


  1. Interfacial Modification of Perovskite Solar Cell Using ZnO Electron Injection Layer with PDMS as Antireflective Coating
    Mohamed K. Othman , Adel ElZemity, Mohamed K. Rawash , and 4 more authors
    In 2019 Novel Intelligent and Leading Emerging Sciences Conference (NILES) , 2019